New faster access to full text evidence and research

What does it do?
When a scholarly publisher page (or others, incl PubMed or Wikipedia) loads, the system checks against our database of Discovery Library holdings and gives links to content including PDF download where available. Further information available here.

How do I use it?
Open Microsoft Edge. You may see an update alert in the top right hand corner of the screen. Restart your browser to obtain the update.
The article link icon will appear when you are on a resource to which we have access (see screenshot below) and clicking will route you via your OpenAthens account to the full text, even if it’s on a different platform.

What else do I need?
You need to have an NHS OpenAthens account – register here.
-Enter Plymouth and select the correct organisation e.g. University Hospitals Plymouth, Livewell SW
Forgotten your password – reset it here

Can I use it on my own laptop or PC?
Yes, download Nomad on your own device to use from anywhere
You will need to click on the icon of the Browser you are using to load the extension.
Once Installed, when you are asked for library:
Enter Plymouth and select
University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust or
Plymouth Health Community- Livewell + GP staff