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Title Year Ed 1st Author Access details
101 coaching supervision techniques, approaches,
enquiries and experiments 
2020 Lucas Shelf WX432/LUC
The art of coaching: a handbook of tips and tools 2016 Bird Ebook or
Shelf WX432/BIR
A-Z of reflective practice 2015 Timmins Shelf L57/TIM
Becoming a reflective practitioner 2017 5th Johns Ebook or
Shelf WY54/JOH
Beginning reflective practice 2013 2nd Jasper Shelf WY54/JAS
Brilliant coaching: how to be a brilliant coach in your workplace 2017 3rd Starr Shelf WX432/STA
Building top-performing teams a practical guide to team coaching to improve collaboration and drive organizational success 2020 Widowson Shelf WX432/WID
Coaches’ Handbook 2021 Passmore Shelf WX432/PAS
Coaching and mentoring at work 2017 3rd Connor Shelf WX432/CON
Coaching and mentoring: practical techniques for developing learning and performance 2022 4th Parsloe Shelf WX432/PAR
Coaching and mentoring: theory and practice 2018 3rd Garvey Shelf WX432/GAR
Coaching as a leadership style: the art and science of coaching conversations for healthcare professionals. 2014 Hicks Shelf WX432/HIC
Coaching for cultural transformation 2021 Cockburn-Evans Shelf WX432/COC
Coaching for performance: the principles and practice of coaching and leadership 2017 5th Whitmore Shelf WX432/WHI
Coaching from the inside  2021 Hastings Shelf WX432/HAS
The coaching habit: say less, ask more and change the way you lead forever. 2016 Stanier Shelf WX432/STA
Coaching in professional contexts 2016 Van Nieuwerburgh Shelf WX432/VAN
The coaching manual: the definitive guide to the process, principles and skills of personal coaching. 2016 4th Starr Shelf WX432/STA
Coaching on the go: how to lead your team effectively in 10 minutes a day 2019 Renshaw Ebook
Coaching People Through Organizational Change 2022 Noble Shelf WX224.5/NOB
Coaching pocketbook 2018 3rd Fleming Ebook
Coaching practiced 2022 Passmore Ebook
Coaching Researched : A Coaching Psychology Reader for Practitioners and Researchers 2020 Passmore Ebook
Coaching the Team at Work 2020 2nd Clutterbuck Shelf WX432/CLU
Coaching with personality type: what works 2017 Rogers Shelf WX432/ROG
Coaching women : changing the system not the person  2022 Gallacher Shelf WX432/GAL
Coach Me! Your Personal Board of Directors : Leadership Advice from the World’s Greatest Coaches 2022 Passmore Ebook
Coach the Person, Not the Problem : A Guide to Using Reflective Inquiry   2020 Reynolds Ebook
Coach to Coach : An Empowering Story about How to Be a Great Leader 2020 Rooney Ebook
Collaborative Learning in Practice : Coaching to Support Student Learners in Healthcare 2021 Lobo Ebook
Corporate coaching: the essential guide 2014 Mukherjee Ebook
Co-active coaching: changing business, transforming lives 2018 4th Kimsey-House Shelf WX432/KIM
Developing coaching skills  2021 Sternad Ebook and
shelf WX432/STE
Developing reflective practice 2012 Oelofsen Ebook
Developmental coaching 2022 2nd Bachkirova Shelf WX432/BAC
The discomfort zone: how leaders turn difficult conversations into breakthroughs 2014 Reynolds Ebook
Diversity beyond lip service : a coaching guide for challenging bias 2019 Harris Ebook
Effective modern coaching: the principles and art of successful business coaching 2014 Downey Shelf WX432/DOW
Everyone needs a mentor 2014 5th Clutterbuck Shelf WX432/CLU
Excellence in Coaching : Theory, Tools and Techniques to achieve outstanding performance 2021 4th Passmore Shelf WX432/PAS
Facilitating learning in practice: a research based approach to challenges and solutions 2019 Morley Shelf WY40/MOR
Facilitating reflective learning  2012 2nd Brockbank Shelf WX432/BRO
First steps in coaching 2014 Thomson Shelf WX432/THO
FT Guide to Business Coaching 2020 Scoular Ebook
Further techniques for coaching and mentoring 2009 Megginson  Shelf WX432/MEG
How to coach: coaching yourself and your team to success 2013 Owen Shelf WX432/OWE
International Handbook of Evidence-Based Coaching : Theory, Research and Practice 2022 Greif Ebook
Key coaching models: the 70+ coaching models every manager and coach needs to know. 2016 Gribben Ebook
The leader’s guide to coaching & mentoring: how to use soft skills to get hard results 2015 Brent Ebook
Leading by coaching: how to deliver impactful change one conversation at a time 2018 Marson Ebook
The magic of mentoring: developing others and yourself 2019 Thompson Shelf WX432/THO
Managing coaching at work: developing, evaluating and sustaining coaching in organizations 2011 Keddy Ebook
Mastering mentorship 2013 Bailey-McHale Ebook or
Shelf WY55/BAI
Medical mentoring: supporting students, doctors in training and general practitioners 2014 Jeffrey Ebook
Mentoring in nursing 2013 2nd Grossman Ebook or
shelf WY55/GRO
Mentoring in Health Professions Education : Evidence-Informed Strategies Across the Continuum 2022 Fornari Ebook
Mentoring in nursing and healthcare 2012 Kilgallon Ebook or
shelf WY55/KIL
Mentoring in nursing and healthcare 2017 Woolnough Ebook or Shelf WY55/WOO
Mentoring, learning and assessment in clinical practice 2013 3rd Stuart Ebook or
shelf WY56/STU
Mentoring nursing and healthcare students 2010 Kinnell Shelf WY55/KIN
The mentoring pocketbook 2019 4th Alred Ebook
The Mentor’s Guide : Facilitating Effective Learning Relationships 2019 3rd Zachary Ebook and Shelf WY55/ZAC
Mentorship and clinical supervision skills in health care 2013 2nd Wigens Ebook and Shelf WY55/WIG
Mentorship in healthcare 2015 2nd Shaw Shelf WX432/SHA
More time to think: the power of independent thinking 2015 Kline  Shelf WX224/KLI
Nimble: off script but still on track : a coaching guide for responsive facilitation 2019 Sutherns Shelf WX432/SUT
The nurse mentor’s companion 2015 Craig Shelf WY55/CRA
The nurse mentor’s handbook  2020 3rd Walsh Ebook or
shelf WY55/WAL
Nursing and health mentorship (survival guide) 2011 Wilkes Ebook
The OSCAR coaching model: simplifying workplace coaching. 2009 Gilbert Shelf WX432/GIL
Performance coaching : a complete guide to best-practice coaching and training / 2020 3rd Wilson Shelf WX432/WIL
Powerful leadership through coaching: principles, practices, and tools for leaders and managers at every level 2020 Simpson Ebook
Practical skills for mentoring in healthcare 2014 Gray Shelf WY55/GRA
Practice-based learning in nursing, health and social care  2013 Scott Ebook or
shelf WY55/SCO
The practitioner as teacher 2017  4th (updated) Dolan Shelf WY54/DOL
The project management coaching workbook: six steps to unleashing your potential 2012 Madsen Ebook
The psychology of coaching, mentoring and learning 2013 2nd Law Ebook or
shelf WX432/LAW
Reflection 2010 2nd Ghaye Ebook
Reflection for nursing life  2016 McKinnon Shelf WY54/MCK
The reflective journal 2020 3rd Bassot Shelf L57/BAS
Reflective practice  2018 5th Bolton Shelf L57/BOL
Reflective practice guide 2016 Bassot Shelf L57/BAS
Reflective practice for healthcare professionals  2010 3rd Taylor Ebook or
shelf WY54/TAY
Reflective Practice in Medicine and Multi-Professional Healthcare 2022 Launer Ebook
Reflective practice in nursing 2013 5th Bulman Ebook or
shelf WY54/BUL
Reflective practice in nursing 2019 4th Esterhuizen Shelf WY54/EST
Reflective practice: transforming education and improving outcomes 2017 2nd Horton-Deutsch Ebook
Resolving Critical Issues in Clinical Supervision : A Practical, Evidence-Based Approach 2023 Milne Ebook
The SAGE Handbook of Coaching 2017 Bachkirova Ebook
Seven Steps of Effective Executive Coaching 2006 Hunter Ebook
Simplifying Coaching 2021 Pedrick Shelf WX32/PED
The skilled facilitator: a comprehensive resource for consultants, facilitators, coaches and trainers 2017 3rd Schwarz Shelf WX432/SCH
The student nurse’s guide to successful reflection: ten essential ingredients. 2017 Clarke Shelf WY54/CLA
Successful mentoring in nursing 2014 2nd Aston  Shelf WY55/AST
Supervising and Assessing Student Nurses and Midwives in Clinical Practice : A practical guide
2021 Leigh Ebook
Supervision and mentoring in healthcare 2018 4th Gopee  Shelf WX432/GOP
The team coaching casebook  2022 Clutterbuck  Shelf WX432/CLU
Time to think 1999 Kline  Shelf WX224/KLI
Understanding supervision and assessment in nursing 2020 Feeney Ebook and shelf WY56/FEE