Mentoring and reflective practice books for Plymouth, SWASFT & SCAS

Below is a list of books available to staff across the Plymouth health community, SWASFT AND SCAS, via Discovery Library, Derriford Hospital.
Please also see our general nursing & care books and general resources pages.

Electronic books require an NHS Athens account (register here for FREE account)

Print books will give a Discovery Library shelf for you to come and borrow book
If you are based outside Derriford Hospital ring 01752439111 or click here to complete a book request form and we will post the book to you.



Title Year Ed Author Access details
A-Z of reflective practice 2015 Timmins Shelf L57/TIM
Becoming a reflective practitioner 2017 5th Johns Ebook or
Shelf WY54/JOH
Beginning reflective practice 2013 2nd Jasper Shelf WY54/JAS
Coaching and mentoring in health and social care 2006 Foster-Turner Shelf WX432/FOS
Coaching and mentoring at work 2017 3rd Connor Shelf WX432/CON
Developing reflective practice 2012 Oelofsen Ebook
Enabling learning in nursing and midwifery practice 2007 West Shelf WY55/WES
Everyone needs a mentor 2014 5th Clutterbuck Shelf WX432/CLU
Facilitating reflective learning  2012 2nd Brockbank Shelf WX432/BRO
Learning journals and critical incidents 2006 2nd Ghaye Shelf WY54/GHA
Mastering mentorship 2013 Bailey-McHale Ebook or
Shelf WY55/BAI
Mentoring and supervision in healthcare 2015 3rd Gopee Shelf WX432/GOP
Mentoring in nursing 2013 2nd Grossman Ebook or
shelf WY55/GRO
Mentoring in nursing and healthcare 2012 Kilgallon Ebook or
shelf WY55/KIL
Mentoring in nursing and healthcare 2017 Woolnough Ebook or Shelf WY55/WOO
Mentoring, learning and assessment in clinical practice 2013 3rd Stuart Ebook or
shelf WY56/STU
Mentoring nursing and healthcare students 2010 Kinnell Shelf WY55/KIN
The mentoring pocketbook 2010 3rd Alred Ebook
Mentorship and clinical supervision skills in health care 2013 2nd Wigens Shelf WY55/WIG
Mentorship in healthcare 2015 2nd Shaw Shelf WX432/SHA
The nurse mentor and reviewer update book 2010 Murray Ebook or
shelf WY55/MUR
The nurse mentor’s companion 2015 Craig Shelf WY55/CRA
The nurse mentor’s handbook  2014 2nd Walsh Ebook or
shelf WY55/WAL
Nursing and health mentorship (survival guide) 2011 Wilkes Ebook
Practical skills for mentoring in healthcare 2014 Gray Shelf WY55/GRA
Practice-based learning in nursing, health and social care  2013 Scott Ebook or
shelf WY55/SCO
The practitioner as teacher 2017  4th (updated) Dolan Shelf WY54/DOL
The psychology of coaching, mentoring and learning 2013 2nd Law Ebook or
shelf WX432/LAW
Reflection 2010 2nd Ghaye Ebook
Reflection for nursing life  2016 McKinnon Shelf WY54/MCK
The reflective journal 2016 2nd Bassot Shelf L57/BAS
Reflective practice  2018 5th Bolton Shelf L57/BOL
Reflective practice guide 2016 Bassot Shelf L57/BAS
Reflective practice for healthcare professionals  2010 3rd Taylor Ebook or
shelf WY54/TAY
Reflective practice in nursing 2013 5th Bulman Ebook or
shelf WY54/BUL
Reflective practice in nursing 2013 2nd Howatson-Jones Shelf WY54/HOW
Reflective practice: transforming education and improving outcomes 2017 2nd Horton-Deutsch Ebook
The student nurse’s guide to successful reflection: ten essential ingredients. 2017 Clarke Shelf WY54/CLA
Successful mentoring in nursing 2014 2nd Aston  Shelf WY55/AST
Supervision and mentoring in healthcare 2018 4th Gopee  Shelf WX432/GOP