Paediatric clinical skills books

Selected paediatric clinical skills books
available to staff & students across the Plymouth health community.

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Electronic books             Print books 


Electronic books

Selected electronic books are listed below
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Title Year Edition 1st author
Clinical Examination Skills for Healthcare Professionals 2014 1 Ranson, Mark
Clinical Skills for Nurses 2013 1 Boyd, Claire
Great Ormond Street Hospital Manual of
Children’s Nursing Practices 
2012 1 Macqueen, Susan
Hands-on Guide to Practical Paediatrics 2014 1 Hewitson, Rebecca
Illustrated textbook of paediatrics 2018 5 Lissauer, Tom
Macleod’s Clinical Examination 2018 14 Innes
Nelson Essentials of Pediatrics 2015 7 Marcdante, Karen
Nelson pediatric symptom-based diagnosis 2018 Kliegman
Paediatric clinical examination (Pocket Tutor) 2013 Brugha, R.
Paediatrics at a glance 2016 4 Miall, Lawrence
Pediatric clinical skills 2011 4 Goldbloom, R. B.
Physical examination of the newborn at a glance 2018 Campbell
Practical guide to the care of the pediatric patient 2008 2 Alario, A. J.
Practical Paediatrics 2012 7 South, M
Royal Marsden Hospital Manual of Clinical Nursing Procedures 2015 9 Dougherty, Lisa

Some titles will allow you to download the whole book or selected chapters to read offline dependent on compatibility with your device and which provider the book comes from.




Print books

Selected print books from 2009- available at Discovery Library are listed below.
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Devitt, P. (2011) Children and young people’s nursing made incredibly easy! LWW
Carter, B. (2014) Child-centred nursing : promoting critical thinking. Sage.
Ranson, M. (2014) Clinical examination skills for healthcare professionals. M&K Publishing.
Roper, T. A. (2014) Clinical skills. 2nd ed. Oxford University Press.
Boyd, C. (2013) Clinical skills for nurses. (Student survival skills) Wiley-Blackwell.
Kelsey, J. ; McEwing, G. (2008). Clinical skills in child health practice. Edinburgh : Churchill Livingstone.
Baillie, L. (2014) Developing practical nursing skills. 4th ed. CRC Press.
Glasper, E. A. (2010) Developing practical skills for nursing children and young people. Hodder Arnold.
Thurston, C. (2013) Essential nursing care for children and young people: theory, policy & practice. Routledge.
Baston, H. (2010) Examination of the newborn : a practical guide. 2nd ed. Routledge.
Lomax, A. (2015). Examination of the newborn : an evidence-based guide. 2nd ed. Chichester : John Wiley and Sons.
Macqueen, S. (2012) The Great Ormond Street Hospital manual of children’s nursing practices. Wiley-Blackwell.
Hewitson, R. (2014) The hands-on guide to practical paediatrics. Wiley-Blackwell.
Gleadle, J. (2012) History and clinical examination at a glance. 3rd ed. Wiley-Blackwell
Lissauer, T. (2012) Illustrated textbook of paediatrics. 4th ed. Mosby.
Douglas, G. (2013) Macleod’s clinical examination. 13th ed. Churchill Livingstone.
Marcdante, K. J. (2015) Nelson essentials of pediatrics. 7th ed. Saunders.
Traynor, M. (2012). Nurses! Test yourself in clinical skills. Open University Press.
James, S. R. (2013) Nursing care of children : principles and practice. 4th ed. Saunders.
Dawson, P. (2012) Oxford handbook of clinical skills for children’s & young people’s nursing. OUP.
Tasker, R. C. (2013) Oxford handbook of paediatrics. 2nd ed. OUP.
Brugha, R.  (2013) Paediatric clinical examination. (Pocket tutor). JP Medical.
Gill, D. (2018) Paediatric clinical examination made easy. 6th ed.  Elsevier.
Miall, L. (2012). Paediatrics at a glance. 3rd ed. Wiley-Blackwell.
Barnett, A. (2015) Pocket clinical examiner. CRC Press.
Watson, G. (2014) Safeguarding & protecting children, young people and families: a guide for nurses and midwives. Sage.